You will not be able to stay home, brother.
You will not be able to plug in, turn on and cop out.
You will not be able to lose yourself on skag and skip,
Skip out for beer during commercials,
Because the revolution will not be televised.

The revolution will not be televised.
The revolution will not be brought to you by Xerox
In 4 parts without commercial interruptions.
The revolution will not show you pictures of Nixon
blowing a bugle and leading a charge by John
Mitchell, General Abrams and Spiro Agnew to eat
hog maws confiscated from a Harlem sanctuary.
The revolution will not be televised.

The revolution will not be brought to you by the
Schaefer Award Theatre and will not star Natalie
Woods and Steve McQueen or Bullwinkle and Julia.
The revolution will not give your mouth sex appeal.
The revolution will not get rid of the nubs.
The revolution will not make you look five pounds
thinner, because the revolution will not be televised, Brother.

There will be no pictures of you and Willie May
pushing that shopping cart down the block on the dead run,
or trying to slide that color television into a stolen ambulance.
NBC will not be able predict the winner at 8:32
or report from 29 districts.
The revolution will not be televised.

There will be no pictures of pigs shooting down
brothers in the instant replay.
There will be no pictures of pigs shooting down
brothers in the instant replay.
There will be no pictures of Whitney Young being
run out of Harlem on a rail with a brand new process.
There will be no slow motion or still life of Roy
Wilkens strolling through Watts in a Red, Black and
Green liberation jumpsuit that he had been saving
For just the proper occasion.

Green Acres, The Beverly Hillbillies, and Hooterville
Junction will no longer be so damned relevant, and
women will not care if Dick finally gets down with
Jane on Search for Tomorrow because Black people
will be in the street looking for a brighter day.
The revolution will not be televised.

There will be no highlights on the eleven o’clock
news and no pictures of hairy armed women
liberationists and Jackie Onassis blowing her nose.
The theme song will not be written by Jim Webb,
Francis Scott Key, nor sung by Glen Campbell, Tom
Jones, Johnny Cash, Englebert Humperdink, or the Rare Earth.
The revolution will not be televised.

The revolution will not be right back after a message
bbout a white tornado, white lightning, or white people.
You will not have to worry about a dove in your
bedroom, a tiger in your tank, or the giant in your toilet bowl.
The revolution will not go better with Coke.
The revolution will not fight the germs that may cause bad breath.
The revolution will put you in the driver’s seat.

The revolution will not be televised, will not be televised,
will not be televised, will not be televised.
The revolution will be no re-run brothers;
The revolution will be live.

Human and Posthuman

Hayles understands “human” and “posthuman” as constructions that emerge from historically specific understandings of technology, culture and embodiment; “human and “posthuman” views each produce unique models of subjectivity.[7] Within this framework “human” is aligned with Enlightenment notions of liberal humanism, including its emphasis on the “natural self” and the freedom of the individual.[8] Conversely, Posthuman does away with the notion of a “natural” self and emerges when human intelligence is conceptualized as being co-produced with intelligent machines. According to Hayles the posthuman view privileges informations over materiality, considers consciousness as an epiphenomenon and imagines the body as a prosthesis for the mind .[9] Specifically Hayles suggests that in the posthuman view “there are no essential differences or absolute demarcations between bodily existence and computer simulation…”[8] The posthuman thus emerges as a deconstruction of the liberal humanist notion of “human.”

Foreword by Ramsay MacDonald, sections entitled Miniatures, Wales, Babies and Others, and Going Abroad. The 17 pages concerning Wales and the poverty she encountered in the Valleys in the late 20s will touch the hardest heart. Sociology. Politics. Welsh Interest. Blaina. Ebbw Vale. I'm currently reading Laurie Penny and Molly Crabapple's Short form Kindle Neo-Gonzo Journalist piece, Discordia. It has been making me think about form a lot. I can't remember how I ended up at rain on the Corn, but interesting looking little book. I love the idea of 17 pages about my Sister's stomping ground from 1928 in a slim volume published by the Independent Labour Party. It make me feel slightly inspired to see about working with my local printer.

In software development, a crude plan or document may serve as the strawman or starting point in the evolution of a project. The strawman is not expected to be the last word; it is refined until a final model or document is obtained that resolves all issues concerning the scope and nature of the project. In this context, a strawman can take the form of an outline,[15] a set of charts, a presentation, or a paper.

  • STRAWMAN issued in April 1975[8]
  • WOODENMAN issued in August 1975[9]
  • TINMAN issued in January 1976[10]
  • IRONMAN issued in January 1977[11] (revised in July 1977)
  • SANDMAN not published but circulated in January 1978
  • STEELMAN issued in June 1978[12]
  • PEBBLEMAN issued in July 1978
  • PEBBLEMAN Revised and issued in January 1979
  • STONEMAN issued in February 1980[13]

Anyone who knows me even a bit well knows my slight obsession with the Tin Man’s origin story from the Wizard of oz.

Oh, and Scraps.

with Ada.Text_IO; use Ada.Text_IO;
procedure Traffic is
   type Airplane_ID is range 1..10;         -- 10 airplanes
   task type Airplane (ID: Airplane_ID);    -- task representing airplanes
   type Airplane_Access is access Airplane; -- reference to Airplane
   protected type Runway is                 -- the shared runway
      entry Assign_Aircraft (ID: Airplane_ID);
      entry Cleared_Runway (ID: Airplane_ID);
      entry Wait_For_Clear;
      Clear: Boolean := True; -- protected private data - generally more than just a flag...
   end Runway;
   type Runway_Access is access all Runway;
   -- the air traffic controller takes requests for takeoff and landing
   task type Controller (My_Runway: Runway_Access) is
      entry Request_Takeoff (ID: in Airplane_ID; Takeoff: out Runway_Access);
      entry Request_Approach(ID: in Airplane_ID; Approach: out Runway_Access);
   end Controller;
   Runway1    : aliased Runway;              -- instantiate a runway
   Controller1: Controller (Runway1'Access); -- and a controller to manage it
   ------ the implementations of the above types ------
   protected body Runway is
      entry Assign_Aircraft (ID: Airplane_ID)
        when Clear is   -- the entry guard - tasks are blocked until this is true
        Clear := False;
        Put_Line (Airplane_ID'Image (ID) & " on runway ");
      entry Cleared_Runway (ID: Airplane_ID)
        when not Clear is
         Clear := True;
         Put_Line (Airplane_ID'Image (ID) & " cleared runway ");
      entry Wait_For_Clear
        when Clear is
   end Runway;
   task body Controller is
         My_Runway.Wait_For_Clear;   -- wait until runway is available
         select                      -- wait for two types of requests
            when Request_Approach'count = 0 =>  -- landings have priority
             accept Request_Takeoff (ID: in Airplane_ID; Takeoff: out Runway_Access) do
               My_Runway.Assign_Aircraft (ID);  -- reserve runway
               Takeoff := My_Runway;            -- tell airplane which runway
             end Request_Takeoff;               -- end of the synchronised part
            accept Request_Approach (ID: in Airplane_ID; Approach: out Runway_Access) do
               My_Runway.Assign_Aircraft (ID);
               Approach := My_Runway;
            end Request_Approach;
         or                          -- terminate if nobody left who could call
         end select;
      end loop;
   task body Airplane is
      Rwy : Runway_Access;
      Controller1.Request_Takeoff (ID, Rwy); -- wait to be cleared for takeoff
      Put_Line (Airplane_ID'Image (ID) & "  taking off...");
      delay 2.0;
      Rwy.Cleared_Runway (ID);
      delay 5.0; -- fly around a bit...
         select   -- try to request a runway
            Controller1.Request_Approach (ID, Rwy); -- this is a blocking call
            exit; -- if call returned we're clear for landing - proceed...
            delay 3.0;  -- timeout - if no answer in 3 seconds, do something else
            Put_Line (Airplane_ID'Image (ID) & "   in holding pattern");
         end select;
      end loop;
      delay 4.0;  -- do landing approach...
      Put_Line (Airplane_ID'Image (ID) & "            touched down!");
      Rwy.Cleared_Runway (ID);  -- notify runway that we're done here.
   New_Airplane: Airplane_Access;
   for I in Airplane_ID'Range loop  -- create a few airplane tasks
      New_Airplane := new Airplane (I);
      delay 4.0;
   end loop;
end Traffic;

Ariane 5 flights

& Time (UTC)
Flight (Vol) Configuration Serial number Payload Result #
1996-06-04 12:34:06 V-88[27] 5G 501 Cluster Failure 1
1997-10-30 13:43:00 V-101 5G 502 MaqSat-H, TEAMSAT, MaqSat-B, YES Partial failure[28] 2
1998-10-21 16:37:21 V-112 5G 503 MaqSat 3, ARD Success 3
1999-12-10 14:32:07 V-119 5G 504 XMM-Newton Success 4
2000-03-21 23:28:19 V-128 5G 505 INSAT-3B, AsiaStar Success 5
2000-09-14 22:54:07 V-130 5G 506 Astra 2B, GE-7 Success 6
2000-11-16 01:07:07 V-135 5G 507 PAS-1R, Amsat P3D, STRV 1C, STRV 1D Success 7
2000-12-20 00:26:00 V-138 5G 508 Astra 2D, GE-8, LDREX Success 8
2001-03-08 22:51:00 V-140 5G 509 Eutelsat 28A, BSAT-2a Success 9
2001-07-12 22:58:00 V-142 5G 510 Artemis, BSAT-2b Partial failure[29] 10
2002-03-01 01:07:59 V-145 5G 511 Envisat Success 11
2002-07-05 23:22:00 V-153 5G 512 Stellat 5, N-Star c Success 12
2002-08-28 22:45:00 V-155 5G 513 Atlantic Bird 1, Meteosat 8 Success 13
2002-12-11 22:22:00 V-157 5ECA 517 Hot Bird 7, Stentor Failure[30] 14
2003-04-09 22:52:19 V-160 5G 514 INSAT-3A, Galaxy 12 Success 15
2003-06-11 22:38:15 V-161 5G 515 Optus and Defence C1, BSAT-2c Success 16
2003-09-27 23:14:46 V-162 5G 516 INSAT-3E, eBird 1, SMART-1 Success 17
2004-03-02 07:17:44 V-158 5G+ 518 Rosetta Success 18
2004-07-18 00:44:00 V-163 5G+ 519 Anik F2 Success 19
2004-12-18 16:26:00 V-165 5G+ 520 Helios 2A, Essaim 1, 2, 3, 4, PARASOL, Nanosat 01 Success 20
2005-02-12 21:03:00 V-164 5ECA 521 XTAR-EUR, Maqsat-B2, Sloshsat Success 21
2005-08-11 08:20:00 V-166 5GS 523 Thaicom 4 Success 22
2005-10-13 22:32:00 V-168 5GS 524 Syracuse 3A, Galaxy 15 Success 23
2005-11-16 23:46:00 V-167 5ECA 522 Spaceway F2, TELKOM-2 Success 24
2005-12-21 22:33:00 V-169 5GS 525 INSAT-4A, Meteosat 9 Success 25
2006-03-11 22:32:50 V-170 5ECA 527 Spainsat, Hot Bird 7A Success[31] 26
2006-05-26 21:09 V-171 5ECA 529 Satmex 6, Thaicom 5 Success[32] 27
2006-08-11 22:15 V-172 5ECA 531 JCSAT-10, Syracuse 3B Success[33] 28
2006-10-13 20:56:00 V-173 5ECA 533 DirecTV-9S, Optus D1, LDREX-2 Success[34] 29
2006-12-08 22:08:00 V-174 5ECA 534 WildBlue 1, AMC-18 Success[35] 30
2007-03-11 22:03 V-175 5ECA 535 Skynet 5A, INSAT-4B Success[36] 31
2007-05-04 22:29 V-176 5ECA 536 Astra 1L, Galaxy 17 Success[37] 32
2007-08-14 23:44 V-177 5ECA 537 Spaceway-3, BSAT-3A Success[38] 33
2007-10-05 22:02 V-178 5GS 526 Intelsat 11, Optus D2 Success[39] 34
2007-11-14 22:06 V-179 5ECA 538 Skynet 5B, Star One C1 Success[40] 35
2007-12-21 21:41 V-180 5GS 530 RASCOM-QAF 1, Horizons-2 Success[41] 36
2008-03-09 04:03 V-181 5ES 528 ATV-1 “Jules Verne” Success[42] 37
2008-04-18 22:17 V-182 5ECA 539 Star One C2, Vinasat-1 Success[43] 38
2008-06-12 22:05 V-183 5ECA 540 Turksat 3A, Skynet 5C Success[44] 39
2008-07-07 21:47 V-184 5ECA 541 Badr-6, ProtoStar I Success[45] 40
2008-08-14 20:44 V-185 5ECA 542 AMC-21, Superbird 7 Success[46] 41
2008-12-20 22:35 V-186 5ECA 543 Eutelsat W2M, Hot Bird 9 Success[47] 42
2009-02-12 22:09 V-187 5ECA 545 Hot Bird 10, NSS-9, Spirale A, Spirale B Success[48] 43
2009-05-14 13:12 V-188 5ECA 546 Herschel, Planck Success[49] 44
2009-07-01 19:52 V-189 5ECA 547 TerreStar-1 Success[50] 45
2009-08-21 22:09 V-190 5ECA 548 JCSAT-12, Optus D3 Success[51] 46
2009-10-01 21:59 V-191 5ECA 549 Amazonas 2, COMSATBw-1 Success[52] 47
2009-10-29 20:00 V-192 5ECA 550 NSS-12, Thor 6 Success[53] 48
2009-12-18 16:26 V-193 5GS 532 Helios 2B Success[54] 49
2010-05-21 22:01 V-194 5ECA 551 Astra 3B, COMSATBw-2 Success[55] 50
2010-06-26 21:41 V-195 5ECA 552 Arabsat-5A, COMS-1 Success[56] 51
2010-08-04 20:59 V-196 5ECA 554 Nilesat 201, RASCOM-QAF 1R Success[57] 52
2010-10-28 21:51 V-197 5ECA 555 Eutelsat W3B, BSAT-3b Success[58] 53
2010-11-26 18:39 V-198 5ECA 556 Intelsat 17, HYLAS 1 Success[59] 54
2010-12-29 21:27 V-199 5ECA 557 Koreasat 6, HispaSat-1E Success[60] 55
2011-02-16 21:50 V-200 5ES 544 ATV-2 “Johannes Kepler” Success[61] 56
2011-04-22 21:37 VA-201 5ECA 558 Yahsat 1A, Intelsat New Dawn Success[25] 57
2011-05-20 20:38 VA-202 5ECA 559 ST-2, GSAT-8 Success[62] 58
2011-08-06 22:52 VA-203 5ECA 560 Astra 1N, BSAT 3c Success[63] 59
2011-09-21 21:38 VA-204 5ECA 561 Arabsat 5C, SES-2 Success[64] 60
2012-03-23 04:34 VA-205 5ES 553 ATV-3 “Edoardo Amaldi” Success[65] 61
2012-05-15 22:13 VA-206 5ECA 562 JCSAT-13, Vinasat-2 Success[66] 62
2012-07-05 21:36 VA-207 5ECA 563 EchoStar XVII, MSG-3 Success[67] 63
2012-08-02 20:54 VA-208 5ECA 564 INTELSAT 20, HYLAS 2 Success[68] 64
2012-09-28 21:18 VA-209 5ECA 565 Astra 2F, GSAT-10 Success[69] 65
2012-11-10 21:05 VA-210 5ECA 566 Eutelsat 21B, Star One C3 Success[70] 66
2012-12-19 21:49 VA-211 5ECA 567 Skynet 5D, MEXSAT-3 Success 67
2013-02-07 VA-212 5ECA 568 Amazonas-3, Azerspace-1/Africasat-1a Success[71] 68

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